S03 Sofa and Chair

S03 Sofa available as a chair, 2 seater sofa, 2.5 seat sofa and 3 seat sofa. With options of

  • Reinforcement (boarded seat and arms)
  • Security specification (boarded and upholstered to restrict access)

CHAIR W: 96cm, H: 82cm, D: 82cm, SH: 49cm
2 SEATER W: 146cm, H: 82cm, D: 82cm, SH: 49cm
2.5 SEATER W: 170cm, H: 82cm, D: 82cm, SH: 49cm
3 SEATER W: 202cm H: 82cm D: 82cm SH: 49cm

The chair and sofas can be supplied uncovered or can be upholstered with a vast selection of fabrics (in 12 different price bands).

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