Customers often ask if we can refurbish existing furniture which is perhaps looking a bit tired or dated. Perhaps you need your chairs and sofas or to fit in with new décor. Refurbishing or reupholstering existing furniture is often a great way to save on costs within a project.

If refurbishing or reupholstering your existing furniture is the right option for you then we can provide a suite of options including repairs, re-polishing, re-upholstering and re-staining. Once refurbished you will be amazed at how the furniture will look brand new as if it had just been purchased.

All these can extend the life of the existing furniture and give it a new lease of life whilst saving money on the costs of buying new furniture. It’s also a cost effective way to change the look of your establishment if you are simply looking to re-decorate. We also have the facilities to refurbish any furniture item  and repair any damaged items.

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